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Africana Philosophy Collection of Alfred Prettyman, Class of 1956

Identifier: yhm-arc-2017-028

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Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy collection, including papers and other documents, a history of the group, obituary of society co-founder Albert Blumberg, and 21 recorded presentations and discussions (on audiocassettes) by guests at the residence of Alfred Prettyman. Audio tapes digitized and abstracts prepared in 2017. Added 2018: Part B, Box 1: Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy – Oct. 2018; Part B, Box 2: Conwell Prettyman Estate,Manuscripts, Notes, and Audio Reel Recording; Part B, Box 3: Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy 29 Taped Sessions – Oct. 2018; Part B, Box 4: Society for the Study of Africana Philosophy 33 Taped Sessions – Oct. 2018; plus four boxes of the African Arts journal. Box 7: four original manuscripts by Kathleen Collins, three documents, and two recently published books, 2016 and 2019, of collected works by Kathleen Collins.

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Donated by Alfred E. Prettyman, Class of 1956

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  • Majority of material found within 2014 - 2016


1 Linear Feet (3 small boxes)


1. The Niggerization of Black Bodies—Joseph Smith (2014.01.19) 2. What Exactly is ‘Black’ about Black Futurism?: Dark Electronic Music, Black Science Fiction and Possible Worlds—Damion Kareem Scott (2014.02.16) 3. Loosing Ground—Kathleen Collins Prettyman (2014.04.27) 4. Alawife, Shia, Sunni: Who Are They and What They Seek—Yusul Nurunddin (2014.11.16) 5. The Cultural-logic Turn of Black Philosophy: Radical Philosophy Review—James B. Haile, III (2015.01.18) 6. High Prince: Drugs and Society—Carl Hart (2014.12.20) 7. The Demandingness of Freedom: David Walker and Racial Domination—Melvin Rogers (2015.03.15) 8. Creolizing Political Theory—Jane Anna Gordon (2015.04.19) 9. Creating a Black Vernacular Philosophy—Devonya Harris (2015.05.17) 10. Efficacy and Sustainability of Revolutionary Struggles—J. Everet Green (2015.09.20) 11. On the Methodological Advantages of Historical Fiction for Philosophical Purposes: W.E.B Dubois' Critique of "The Negro Problem" in The Black Flame—xx (2015.10.18) 12. The Undaunted: Excavating A Dominican Garveyite in Harlem—Jonathan Astacio and Stephanie Rivera Berruz (2016.01.17) 13. Dubois' Democratic Defense of the Value Free Ideal—Liam Kofi Bright (2016.02.21) 14. On Undocumented Immigrants, Basic Rights Protections, and Psychological Considerations—Joel Collins Sati (2016.03.20) 15. Power as Vulnerablility: Fanon and Levinas on an Ethical Politics—Kris Sealey (2016.04.17) 16. xx—Leonard Harris (2016.05.05) 17. W.E.B. DuBois, Reconstruction, and the Remaking of the Modern American State—Elvira Basevich (2016.09.16) 19. What is to be Done?: Post Obama-- Moderator: Alfred Prettyman/ Everett Green, Zay Green, Kai Kressie, Frank Kirkland et. al. (2016.11.xx)