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Physics Department and G. Harvey Cameron Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: yhm-arc-2016-036

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Publications, correspondence, notebooks, reports, and photographs by G. Harvey Cameron: includes materials related to Robert Andrews Millikan (papers co-written by Millikan and Cameron); cosmic rays; rockets; particles; radiation; publications by Ertle Leslie Harrington and others; Cameron family photographs (daughters Julia and Janet, son Peter); 1975 report on prospect of building an observatory by Peter Millet; a few CHF Peters materials.

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Given by Peter Millet and the Physics Department

Restrictions Apply



  • Majority of material found within 1925 - 1977



2016.036 Physics and G. Harvey Cameron Collection Box 1 1. Package 1 – “Cosmic Rays etc.” a. Scientific American - June 1928 Vol. 138, No. 6 – Article on Millikan and Cameron “Where Does Matter Come From?” i. Photos from 1925 of Bolivia from California Institute of Technology to G. Harvey Cameron sent 1948 b. Letters and telegrams from Cornelius O’Connor to G. Harvey Cameron about spiral motion of the planets and electrons- 1926 c. The Milliken Ray Examiner addressed to students with news about related discoveries and updates1928 d. Prediction of the Spectrum of the Cosmic Rays by Monroe B. Snyder 1926 e. Fan mail to Millikan and Cameron about theories and experiments f. “Nature.” No. 3036 Vol. 121, January 7, 1928 “New Results on Cosmic Rays,” by Prof. R. A. Millikan and Dr. G. H. Cameron g. Eleven reprints from the Physical Review- papers from Millikan and Cameron- 1926-1928 h. Five reprints from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences- Millikan and Cameron- 1928 i. Articles in English and Spanish about Millikan’s cosmic rays and climbing the Andes j. “High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin” address by Dr. Robert Andrew Millikan delivered before the National Academy of Sciences at Madison, Wis. 1925 k. “Cosmic Super X Rays Most Penetrating Yet Discovered” by Science Service of the Daily Science News Bulletin about Millikan’s discovery 1925 l. Photographs from Mt. Whitney and Areguipa, Peru 1926 m. Letter from Occidental College to Cameron about talk to seminar class n. Photographs of trip and the submersible recording electroscopic apparatus o. Science – Vol. 81 No. 2096 “What to Believe About Cosmic Rays” by Dr. Robert A. Millikan – 1935 p. Supplement to Nature No. 3036 “New Results on Cosmic Rays” 1928 q. Two copies of “High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin” by R. A. Millikan from The Smithsonian Report for 1926, p.193-201 r. Folder 1 – “Cosmic ray trips pictures” i. 26 photos mounted on 5 pieces of black construction paper s. Scientific American – March 1926 2. Package 2 – “G. Harvey Cameron Materials- Papers, pictures at Caltech, etc.” a. Folder 1 – “Corresponol. Ferry Saunders” i. Letter of promotion as “Professor of Physics” from President of Hamilton College F. C. Ferry to G. Harvey Cameron – 1936 ii. Letters from A.P. Saunders (professor of chemistry) to Cameron 1932 iii. Letters from Frederick A. Saunders of Harvard University to Cameron about vacancy in physics dept. at Hamilton 1932 iv. Letters from President Ferry to Cameron 1932 b. Folder 2 – “Cosmic Ray Talk” i. Letter from Robert A. Millikan 1948 ii. Talk outline notes (3 pages) iii. Article from V. L. Ginzburg c. Folder 3 – “Clinton G. H. Cameron obit.” i. Dec 28, 1977 – Clinton newspaper Harvey Cameron obituary d. Folder 4 – “Army University 1945-46” i. Letters to parents ii. Postcards from France e. Folder 5 – “Trip to So. America 1926” i. Letters to family detailing trip f. Folder 6 – “Sonotone Pictures” i. Page from the Hamilton Alumni Review about Cameron’s help in the Hearing and Speech Center in Utica ii. Photos of Dr. Gruppe, Cameron, and the equipment iii. Utica Observer-Dispatch article “Utica Hearing and Speech Center” – March 4, 1951 iv. Clinton Courier article “Hearing and Speech Center Set Up By Professor Cameron, Dr. Gruppe” g. Folder 7 – “Pictures – Caltech” i. Three framed photographs- frame of small portrait has a cracked corner h. Folder 8 – “Course Offerings Review” i. Group photo in front of the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics 1920 i. Two pages of hand drawn sketches of apparatus j. File folder box – “G. Harvey Cameron Publications + Corresp.” i. List of Publications by G. Harvey Cameron ii. From College Hill Vol. III Jan. 1959 No.2 “Science In The Liberal Arts College” by Prof. G. Harvey Cameron iii. Report on the Curriculum to the Faculty of Hamilton College 1947 iv. Publications of the Members of The Faculty of Hamilton College 1951-1957 v. Publications from G. Harvey Cameron – X-Ray Method of Determining the Sizes of Sub-Microscopic Crystals, The X-Ray Determination of Particle Size, Self-Cleaning Goggles for the Bronchoscopist, New Results on Cosmic Rays, etc. vi. Publication by Surgis A. Koroljow M.D “An Investigation of the Role Played by Oxygen and by Cellular Respiration in Hypoglycemic Coma” acknowledging Cameron vii. Publications by Ertle Leslie Harrington viii. Folder 1 – “Rockets etc.” 1. Article about thermal motors from “Le Genie Civil” in French – Oct 1928 2. Report No. 159 – Jet Propulsion for Airplanes by Edgar Buckingham – 1923 3. Article from The Literary Digest Oct 1929 “Through Space by Rocket” and commentary from Cameron “Note in Nature for October 19” 4. Notes on gasoline data and physical characteristics of liquid O2 5. Notes and calculations for gasoline-air, gasoline-oxygen, specific heats, effect of a different temp, for O2, burn to CO. 6. Memorandum for Mr. Wallace H. Coxe from G. Harvey Cameron from the DuPont Experimental Station on Rocket Propulsion 1930 7. Letter to Felix du Pont on rocket propulsion 1929 8. Letter to Charles Lindberg about Opel’s work 1929 9. Elementary Theory of Propulsion 1930 ix. Folder 2 – “Particle-size calculations” 1. “Particle size of gold sols” and “The Effect of Age on Particle Size Distribution of a Nuclear Gold Sol” from J.B. Nichols to G.H. Cameron 1929 2. Memorandum from A.W. Kenney to G.H. Cameron about Zimmer’s gold sol 1930 3. Correspondence between A.L. Patterson and G.H. Cameron on the Brill Theory and pin-hole size 1930 4. Correspondence between Cameron and the Eastman Kodak Company about x-ray blackening linearity 1929 5. Handwritten sheets of data – summary of different methods, calculations, graphs – Mar 24 6. Analysis of particle-size distribution curves w/ data, calculations, and plots 7. Calc of Pt. Black no 1 by Sherrer’s eqn. w/ various pinholes and various blacks x. Folder 3 – “Summaries of early work on Penetrating Radiation + Bibliography” 1. Nine page bibliography 2. Penetrating Radiation Research outline 3. Residual Ionization in Gases notes xi. Folder 4 – “Photostats on x-ray particle-size measurement” 1. Index cards of papers and theories 2. Physical Review – The Diffraction of X-Rays by Small Crystalline Particles – A.L. Patterson – Nov 15, 1939 Vol. 56 3. Physical Review – The Scherrer Formula for X-Ray Particle Size Determination – A.L. Patterson – Nov 15, 1939 Vol. 56 4. Journal publication by M. v. Laue on Lorentz-Factor and Intensity Distribution in Debye-Scherrer Rings in the Journal of Crystallography (in German) 1926 5. X-Ray Studies of the Coagulation Process of Colloidal Gold. – Part I and Part II X-Ray Experimental Technique (1936) 6. Hot Working, Cold Working and Re-Crystallization Structure by N. P. Goss (1936) 7. Journal publications by Rudolf Brill about X-ray determination of crystalline particles and Debye-Scherrer images (in German) 1928-1939 8. Journal publication by A.L. Patterson in German for the Magazine for Crystallography 1928 9. Publication by P. Scherrer 1918, Fritz K. Mayer 1931, J. Hengstenberg and H. Mark 1928, and M. v. Laue 1929 (all in German) 10. “Application of the Ultracentrifuge to Some Colloid-Physical Problems” by J.B. Nichols 1931 11. Translation of H. Mark’s 1929 paper from German to English 12. “Platinum Black Catalysts II. Heats of Adsorption” by Taylor, Kistiakowsky, and Perry 1930- two different copies, one is missing cover 13. Translation of “X-ray Investigation of Coagulation Processes in Colloidal Gold” by Scherrer and Staub 1930 (German to English) xii. Folder 5 1. Correspondence between G. Harvey Cameron and J. B. Haley of University College about determining particle size 1936-1937 2. “The X-Ray Determination of Particle Size” by G. Harvey Cameron and A. L. Patterson- draft w/ bibliography 3. Abstracts of papers from the Symposium on Radiography and X-Ray Diffraction Methods by Cameron & Patterson, Barrett, Van Horn, Davey, Norton, and Clark 4. Correspondence between Cameron and A. L. Patterson about the ASTM particle size paper collaboration 5. Correspondence between A.L. Patterson and Professor von Laue about the mistakes in the latter’s paper 6. Correspondence between Cameron and A. W. Kenney of Du Pont 7. Suggestions to Authors of Technical Papers from ASTM 8. Handwritten letter to Brill w/ orange cut out saying “farberindustrie aktiengesellschaft” 9. Calculations and notes for pinhole size and corrections to Laue’s calculations 10. Correspondence between Cameron and Robert F. Mehl from ASTM 11. Letter from Brill to Cameron in German 12. Drawings of figures for the paper k. American Society for Testing Materials – Symposium on Radiography and X-Ray Diffraction 1936 (book) l. The University of Chicago Science Series – The Electron – Robert Andrews Millikan m. Cosmic Rays – R. A. Millikan (book) n. Mr Tompkins In Wonderland – G. Gamow (book) o. Mr Tompkins Explores the Atom – G. Gamow (book) p. Seven copies of “Origin Of the Cosmic Rays” by Millikan and Cameron q. Five journal reprints by Cameron, Millikan, and Lenher r. Two copies of “Nature” No. 3036 Vol. 121 – Jan. 1928 s. Three copies of “Evidence for the Continuous Creation of the Common Elements Out of Positive and Negative Electrons” by Millikan and Cameron t. “Self-Cleaning Goggles for the Bronchoscopist” by Gruppe and Cameron u. Four copies of “New Results on Cosmic Rays” by Millikan and Cameron v. Two copies of “High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin III. Measurements in Snow-Fed Lakes at High Altitudes” by Millikan and Cameron w. Two copies of “The X-Ray Determination of Particle Size” by Cameron and Patterson for The Symposium on Radiography and X-Ray Diffraction x. “X-Ray Method of Determining the Sizes of Sub-Microscopic Crystals” by Cameron 1932 y. Cameron’s notebook – “No 1 ‘Tilly’” – “Cosmic Rays’ – 1927 z. Cameron’s notebook – “No 3” – “Electroscope Series 2 No 3. ‘Prescisions’” aa. “High Frequency Rays of Cosmic Origin I. Sounding Balloon Observations at Extreme Altitudes” by Millikan and Bowen 1926 (book) Box 2 3. Package 3 – G. Harvey Cameron Slides, Negatives Professional, Personal.” a. Five slides of figures for his paper with Patterson on the x-ray determination of particle size – in a box marked “Eastman Lantern Slide Plates” b. Nine slides in a Eastman Lantern Slide Plates box (missing bottom) – box marked with “Bot Oct 40” i. #10 scenery ii. #2 map of US showing magnetic fields iii. 4 Radio-mat slide co. slides of circuits iv. #3 Typical Schedule – PM Program v. #2 PM Curriculum – Course I, II and III vi. #1 Preparation of PM Students c. Package of 6 slides of figures and graphs for an electronics d. 24 slides of photographs at a lake, apparatus, and graphs e. Unopened box of Eastman Lantern Slide Plates f. Wratten & Wainwright Panchromatic Dry Plates box - Peter and G H Cameron written on it – negatives of baby pictures g. HP box filled with negatives in envelopes i. Glass Einstein etching ii. Root Glen 1956 iii. Ship model iv. Streetsville groups v. Senior Party 1937 vi. Fireworks vii. Merry Christmas From The Camerons viii. Best So. America Pictures ix. Saskatoon x. Exhibition prints xi. Desert trip 1926 xii. Glass slides of scenery xiii. Empty envelopes labeled “Clinton Opera House, West House, Patterson, Berkeley Sq, Root House” xiv. Pictures of family - Baby pictures of daughters Janet and Julia, Pictures of son Pete xv. Greenwalt xvi. Bermuda xvii. Prof. Dale xviii. Root – painting xix. Gallagher xx. Root house xxi. Jack Walsh Sept 58 xxii. Walsh party xxiii. Wertimer Aug ‘57 xxiv. Root estate – wind storm Nov 25, 1950 xxv. G Root antiques xxvi. G Root garden (Grace) xxvii. K. Johnston Wedding xxviii. Mrs Kaysen xxix. Goggles xxx. Senior Party 1938 4. Package 4 a. Components and Costs of an Astronomical Observatory Intended for Instruction at The Undergraduate Level: A Report – prepared by Peter Millet 6/75 b. Pg 320 from the book Classbook of Astronomy and Geography of the Heavens about the Hamilton College Refractor c. Photo of C.H.F. Peters on cardboard d. Black and white print outs of pictures of C.H.F. Peters and the observatory e. Paragraphs on E.E. Barnard and the importance of astronomy – typed on Hamilton College Department of Physics stationary f. Section on the Litchfield Observatory at Hamilton College in Observatories in the United States (2 copies) g. Notes/bibliography h. Introduction about Professor Peters and the Litchfield Observatory i. Original photo of Dr. Peters 1885 with a description on the back j. Descriptions on notecards for the photograph of C.H.F. Peters, The Gregorian Telescope, The Filar Micrometer, and the books in Peter’s collection k. Original photograph of the Interior of the Litchfield Observatory – in envelope from the American Journal of Physics l. Photograph of the exterior of the Litchfield Observatory (in Box 1)