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1848 letter from John Pawling, class of 1843, to Thomas S. Searle, class of 1845

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Letter from John Pawling, class of 1843, to Thomas S. Searle, class of 1845, dated January 18, 1848. From description on ebay: This folded lettersheet / stampless letter has a faint / partial circular date stamp for WATERTOWN NY, a matching 10 cents rate, and is addressed to Indiana county, Penn., and is a three page letter, also with writing on the back folds, written by J. Pawling. The dateline is Watertown Jeff Co. (NY) January 18th 1848. -- "By yours of July 31st I perceived you had almost become an inveterate rover, having visited within two years two counties of Ohio, 3 of Virginia, and 29 of Pennsylvania, over 2500 miles, and 1000 of which you travelled on foot. Truly you have cast in the shade our College tramps." -- "I was interested in the inscription of the monument at Wheeling Creek Bridge. And the more so as it was erected out of respect for the unrivalled Henry Clay, a character, more than all others living, cherished by true Americans." -- "I am giving instructions to a brother in law in Latin & Greek ..." -- "I hear from our old Alma Mater frequently. She is flourishing like a bay Tree .... The rivalry between Secret Societies keep up a continual excitement. And they have also a 'Social fraternity', a new Sig Phi informs me who are rather scaly as he says. I presume you have heard of the Affray with Old Prex ...." -- ".... On the night of the fifth of November last, Came [?] off the usual Sophomore Burning celebration. every thing went off with the usual glee untill Mr Prex. was discovered, he ran up the Chappel steps and collared a student. They both stepped from the steps and the fellow just took the advantage of the 'toe lock' and landed the Prex on his back. The shock was so violent that he was unable to get up but groaned vehemently. A large number of students gathered. finally he recovered and walked behind the Chapel and suddenly fell again on the face. He was helped up by the students and he informed them that he could dispense with their company. He staggered and further and fell again. He was then taken up and carried to his house, and in a short time became absolutely deranged, probably, by an injury upon the head caused by the falling. He has, however, fully restored. And the matter has not been hatched up for further investigation." -- "I have left Copenhagen, a place which did not long intend to stay when I went there .... " -- "... Law Business is dull ..." -- "Jan'y 21st. I have left this letter some three days to attend Jefferson County Courts. I have had the defence of a person indicted for grand Larceny .... but all efforts in vain to save the poor fellow." -- "We talk of building a railroad from this place to Rome ...." -- Abstracts from ebay listing, corrected and expanded by K. Collett.

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  • Creation: 1848-01-18