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Press photographs of Elihu Root (for obituary) and North Village ("Hamilton College Housewives")

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2 press photographs, with write-up on the back: one of Elihu Root (may be dated 9/4/25), with text "Elihu Root , at eighty, the counselor of the world"--followed by obituary (copyright Keystone View Co.) and handwritten "died 2/7/37"; and photo of a student's wife in North Village, crawling through a cupboard into a kitchen, with text "House to House: Clinton, N.Y.: Housewives of the Hamilton College veterans housing project discovered something new and very convenient. The apartments have adjoining closets with a common wall and the contractor cut a door in the wall of each closet. So when you want to go next door without wading through heavy snow, you just crawl through the closet just as Mrs. Dot Granata of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., is doing to borrow an item from the neighboring pantry. Credit (Acme) 12-27-47".

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  • 1925 - 1947
  • Photographs Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings