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Henry Davis and Treadwell family correspondence (also Maltbie)

Identifier: yhm-arc-2005-027

Content Description

This collection includes letters to/from members of the Treadwell/Tredwell family. This is the family of Hannah P. Davis, wife of Henry Davis, the second president of Hamilton College, and mother of Hamilton alumni. Much of the correspondence is between Hannah's children and her although there are several older letters between her father and her sisters. There is also a folder (#14) containing Thomas Tredwell (Hannah's father's) ideas regarding the new government of the post-Revolutionary United States as well as a folder (#20) of poetry by Caroline Fry and Mrs. Mastic whose relationship to the Tredwell family is unknown. -- Names in the collection: -- Tre(a)dwell: -- Thomas -- Mary (Polly) (daughter) -- Anne (Nancy) Platt (daughter) -- Hannah P. Davis (daughter) -- Elivia (Ely) M. (daughter) -- Betsey (daughter) -- Treadwell girls' children -- Margaret (daughter to Mary, Elivia or Betsey) -- Esther -- Alfred Conkling -- Treadwell girls' Aunts -- Eliza Micks -- Cousins to Treadwell girls -- Sally Smith -- Caroline Treadwell -- Platt -- Ann(e) (Nancy) Treadwell -- Caroline (her daughter) -- J. C. -- Davis -- Henry -- Hannah P. Treadwell (wife) -- Henry, Jr. (son) -- Thomas Treadwell (son) -- Anne (daughter) -- Mary Maltbie (daughter) -- Mary (daughter of Thomas or Henry, Jr.) -- Maltbie -- Mary Davis -- Ebenezer D. (her husband) -- Anne C. (daughter) -- Emily (daughter) -- James R. -- John R. -- Other -- Dr. Bess -- John Siamen -- Dr. Townsend -- M. Broome -- Henry Monz -- C. P. Wing -- M. S. Ch. -- U. W. Fenton -- Solomon Allen -- Samuel Hopkins -- Henry R. Mygett -- Philip Taylor -- Isaac Reed -- David Smith -- John B. Hague -- William Montgomery -- P. W. Gallaouct -- L. W. Pease -- Tom Obsen Backus -- Ebeur (?) Maltbie -- David Beahman -- Abraham Lynsen -- Anne Elizabeth Davidson -- Elisabeth C. Dualey -- R. Bakes -- MZ -- Andrew Beers -- Rebecca -- Caroline Fry (poet) -- Mrs. Mastic (poet) -- Wealthy Ann Backus (Mastic poems directed to) -- Gerrit Smith (her husband) -- Laura Therrill -- George W. Clinton -- J. H. Seward -- Semus Clark --

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