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Award Medals, College: Printing Medals (Prize Medal dies)

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Identifier: yhm-arc-0000-254

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4 dies for award medals: 1. Fundatum a Johanni V.L. Pruyn, LL.D., A.D. 1867, A.H.C. Quinquagesimo, S.W. Fisher, D.D., with a bust of a man in late 18th-century clothing (A. Hamilton?); 2. Ou pa tri kai metri monon alla kai patridi--Decretum a Coll. Hamiltonensis Fac. Art.--De Officiis juvenum cultorum politicus in Oratione Praestanti; 3. Fundatum a Martino Hawley, A.D. MDCCLXIV, A.H.C. Duoquinquacesimo, with a bust of Samuel Kirkland; 4. Euphron ponou e mneme euteleslsi--Decretum a Coll. Hamiltoniensis Fac. Art.--Pro Praestantia Literarum Graecarum Latinarumque Cognitione. 1 and 2 are probably the obverse and reverse of the Pruyn Prize for oration (or essay); 3 and 4 are probably the obverse and reverse of the Hawley Prize in Greek and Latin.

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