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Centenniary [sic] Medals, from the Hamilton College Centennial in 1912

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1912, Centenary Medals or medallions with Samuel Kirkland's and Alexander Hamilton's Portraits, Sterling Silver and Bronze. Side with Kirkland says "Samuel Kirkland Founder; Academy 1793 1812; side with Hamilton says "Alexander Hamilton Incorporator; College 1812 1912"; edge of medal says Whitehead-Hoag (an advertising company that produced such engraved medals or tokens). Described in The Hamilton Record, v. 11 no. 2 (May, 1912), p. 47d: "There is now making and soon will be ready a bronze medal oxidized with silver, as a souvenir of the College Centennial. It is unusual in having two faces--on the one side an excellent image in relief of Samuel Kirkland, Founder, and on the other one equally fine of Alexander Hamilton, Incorporator. These with the dates, 1793-1812 of the Hamilton Oneida Academy, and 1812-1912 of the College. The limited number of 500 of these medals will be struck and there will be no more. They will be furnished at $1.50 each. If you want one speak quickly and send this amount to the editor of this Record and the medal will be mailed to you. It will be a more and more rare memento of this large year." The May, 1913, issue (v. 12, no. 2), p. 81, follows up with this: "That Kirkland-Hamilton Centennial Medal,--did you see it? Did you get it? Perhaps it was not made sufficiently accessible. At any rate out of the 500 struck--(there will be no more)--there are 200 left. It is really artistic and becomes scarcer. It is a disc two inches wide with admirable heads of Kirkland and Hamilton on either side. Send $1.50 to the Record and receive yours by registered mail."

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  • 1912