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Hamilton College Miscellaneous Files

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assorted material related to Hamilton College, all years, organized by subject

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AAUP Journal Club; ABC (A Better Chance); Abolition; Academic Dress Code; Access Projects; Accidents; Achievement Day;; Achievement Medals; Adirondack Adventure; Adams’ at Hamilton College; Adler Conf. Reports; Adler Conference: 1975-Present; Adler Conference: 1971-1974; Administrative Building; Admission; Admission – FMLA Case; Admission – Individuals who applied; Admission Newsletter – Hamiltonian; Admission Reports (1931-1977); Admission Reports (1931-1977); Admission Reports; Affirmative Action; African American ; AIDS; Asian Students at HC; Alcohol Use / Alcohol Policy; Alexander Hamilton Center; Alexander Hamilton Players, The; Alexander Hamilton Press, The; Alpha Delta Phi-ADP Pin, ADP; Alumni, Gay Lesbian Bi Transgend.; Alumni Achievement Medal; Alumni, Buffalo; Alumni, Early; Alumni Association; Alumni Association; Alumni Association: Constitution; Alumni Association: History; Alumni Fund; Alumni Material: 1964 – 5; Alumni – Indiana General Assembly; Alumni Center; Alumni Collection; Alumni Council; Alumni Council History; Alumni, Gay Lesbian Bi Supprt Grp; Alumni Gymnasium; Alumni Lecture Series; Alumni Material Miscellaneous; Alumni Medal; Alumni Missing Applications; Alumni, People who claim to be; Alumni Register; Alumni Reunion: Crazy Mixed-Up; Alumni Review Correspondence; Alumni Review (including eNews); Alumni Trustees; Alumni Volunteers; Alumni, Who’s Who Finance, Ind.; Alumni - class of 1849; Alumni – Who’s Who in Insurance; Americana Day; Anderson Alumni Center; Anderson Cottage; Anecdotes, H.C.; Anime Club; Annalists, 50 Years Class; Anniversary, 150th ; Anniversary, 175th ; Announcements, 1989-90, 1990-92; Announcements, 1989-90, 1990-92; Annual Fund, H.C.; Antarctic Research; Anti-Hazing Task Force; Anti-Slavery Society, Petition; Anti-Trust; Arboretum; Archival Lists; Archives Inventories; Archives Loan; Archives, Consultant’s Report 1988; Archives, Emerson Gallery objects; Archives Proposal; Around the Hill; Art Department – Root Art Center; Arts, Performing; Arts at Hamilton; Arts at Hamilton; Asian Studies; Association of the Alumni; Astronomical Observatory; Athens College; Athletics; Athletics; Athletics; Athletics; Athletics Symbols and numbers; Athletics ( Booklet 1910); Athletics: Continental Chatter; Athletics: Schedules; Athletics: Football and Hockey; Athletics: Programs; Athletic Center; Women’s Athletics; Authors; Authors; Auto Racing: College Hill Road; Awards and Prizes; Backus Club; Banners; Barn, Milton F. Filius, Events; Barnes, Albert, Chair; Barron’s Profile: 1974; Barron’s Profile; Baseball; Basketball; Beanie; Beinecke Student Activities Village; Beinecke Trustee; Bell Ringer Award; Bell Ringers, Chapel; Benefactors; Benefit Program; Bequests, Trusts, etc; Biology Department; Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay Alumni Network; Black and Latino Student Union; Black History Month; Black Students; Black Students– George Downing; Board of Trustees—Meetings; Board of Trustees, Early Trustees; Boat; Bobsledding; Bookplates; Brass Choir; Bristol Campus Center: exhibits; Bristol Campus Center: planning; Bristol Family; Bristol, W.M., Jr. Pool; Bristol, W.M., Jr. Pool Plaque; Bristol Traveling Fellowship; Bronze Map; Brothertown Indians-Blackwood; Brothertown Indians; Brothertown Indians—Samson Occom; Browsing Room, Eugenie D. Rogers; Budget; Buffalo: Alumni Connections; Buffers; Buildings and Grounds ; Buildings and Grounds ; Buildings and Grounds: Chronology; Building Plans and Maps; Building Specs; Bulgarians at Hamilton; Bundy Fellowships; Butrick Lecture; By-laws; Cabinet, The; Cable Television; Calendar; Calendar (academic); California Alumni; Campaign for the 1990s; Campaign for the 1990s; Campaign, 175th Anniversary; Campaign Excelsior; Campaign, The New Century; Campaign, The New Century; Campbell, Dorcas; Campus; Campus Relations; Campus Safety; Canes; Capital Campaign for the 1990s; Cards; Career Center; Carissima; Carissima; Carissima; Carnegie Dormitory; Case Award; Case Statement on HC 1970; Catalogues (early 19th cent.); Cemetery; Cemetery: Notes for Talk; Centennial (and half-century); Centennial; Centennial 1912; Chairs; Chapel; Chapel (stained glass window); Chapel Bell Ringers; Chapel Board; Chapel: History; Chapel: Organ; Chapel: Plans; Chapel: World War II; Charlatans; Charlatans: Medea 1956; College Charter (restated); Charter, College; Charter and Amendments: 1956; College Charter (Copy of); Cheers; Chemistry Department; Chemistry Awards; Children; Clinton Child Care Center; Clinton Child Care Center; Childs, Roxana; Bequest, 1870-2; China; Chi Psi; Chi Psi: Song; Chi Psi x4; Choir; Choir; Choir; Christian Fellowship; Cinema; Cinema Society; Civil War; Civil War: GAR; Clark Prize; Class ‘91; Class and Charter Day Address; Class and Charter Day Exercises; Class and Charter Day; Class and Charter Day Speakers; Class Day Exercises; Classics Department; Clippings: Commencement; Clippings: Freshmen Activities; Cogswell, William B.; Collections; Collections: Art, Artifacts; College Catalogues; College Flag and Colors; College Hill School; College of Law; College Pranks; College Seal; College Store; College Store; College Store; Colors; Commencements: Early; Commencements: 19th Century; Commencement: Programs; Commencement: Clippings; Commencement: Salutatory; Commencement: Songs; Commencement: Speakers; Commencement: 1862; Commencement: 1977; Commencement: 1987; Commencement: 1990; Commencement: 1991; Commencement: 1993; Commencement: 1995; Commencement: 1995 (address); Commencement: 1997; Commencement: 1999; Commencement: 2000; Commencement Address 2003; Commencement: 2004; Commencement: 2006; Commencement: 2007; Commencement: 2008; Committee Reports: 1995; Committee Reports: 1990; Cmte, Action on Resource Efficncy; Committee on Academic Policy; Committee on the Visual Arts; Communication Studies; Communications and Development; Community Notes; Community Outreach Campaign; Community Relations Board; Computer Center: Jones, Robert F.; Computer Science Department; Computer Virus; Concerts, Performances – Press releases; Conferences, K.C.; Conference, Ezra Pound (2005); Conservative Club; Continental, 150th Anniversary; Continentals; Continental Chatter; Continental – Logo; Convocation; Co-op; Copyright; Cornerstones; Costume, Academic: American Council on Educations; Couper, E.W., Hall; Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture; Course Schedule; Crazy Mixed Up Years (1996); Crew; Cricket; Curriculum; Curriculum; Curriculum 2000; Daguerreotype; Dance at Hamilton Artist Series; Dance out the Answer; Dance Team; Davis, Angela; Dean of the Faculty; Dean Search Committee; Dean’s List; Debate; Debating Association, Prize; Decagon Society; Degrees and Prizes: Latin Text; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Delta Phi; Delta Phi (Alpha Chi); Delta Upsilon; Development: Mnts of Mngmnt Conf; Diner, Robert G. Howard; Diplomas; Directory, 1952-3, 69-70, 72-73; Disaster Response: Sept. 11; Katrina; Diversity; Divestment (incl. Show Cause order); Divestment; Divestment; Documentary History, Notes for; Documentary History; Dogs; Dormitories; Draft; Drugs; DT; Dunham Dormitory; Dunham Hall; Duplicates from Archives; Early Examinations; Earwig, The; Economics Department; Eells Family; Eells House; Elderhostel; E-mail; Emergency Medical Technicians; Emerson Gallery Catalogues; Emerson Gallery Catalogues; Emerson Gallery Correspondences; Emerson Gallery Press; Emerson Grant; Emerson Literary Society; Emerson Literary Society; Endeavors; Endowment; E-news; English Department; English Language Instruction Task Force; Engravings; Enrollment; Ensemble Theater Company; Entertainment; Environmental Action Group; Ephemera: stickers, bookmrks, etc.; Episcopal Services; Equal Opportunity; Evaluation Report-Middle States; Events; Examinations; Exchange (U.S.-Soviet); Faculty; Faculty 1961-62; Faculty: 1993 – 4; Faculty Grants; Faculty Handbooks; Faculty Meeting; Faculty Newsletter; Faculty: Obituaries; Faculty Publications (digitization proposal); Faculty: Reminiscences; Faculty and Trustees Reports and Resolutions; Fallcoming Weekend; H.C. Families; Fancher Cottage; Fancher Guest House; Farewell Correspondences; Fencing; Ferguson Field; Ferguson House; Ferry Building; Field Hockey; Field House; Film; Films: 1998; Film Pamphlets Exhibition; Films, Slides: Promotional Material; Finances; Finances (compiled by JD Ibbotson); Financial Records- 19th Century; Fire Department; First Year Forum; Fitness Center; Flax Kindness Award; Food Service; Football; Football; Football; Foreign Film Society; Fountain; Fountain; Fowler Award; Fox; Fraternities; Fraternities; Fraternities and Societies Memberships; Fraternity Houses; Fraternities-General; Fraternity Suit: Residential Life; Free School; Friends of Art Newsletter; Fundraising; Funds; Funds: Endowment, Scholarships; Garden, Community/1812; Farm, Food; Gavel; Gay, GLB, Rainbow Alliance, LGBTQ; Gender Equity; General Association of Undergraduate Activities; Geology; German; German Students; Ghosts; Gifts: 1868 – 1901 (ref. HLM); Glade and Glen; Glee Club; Glen House; Glen Lane Orchestra; Campus Governing; Goals; Government Department; Gold Group; Grant Garden; Graphic Identity; Graves Seminar Room; Great Names at Hamilton Series; Greek Department; Greek Publications; Green House; Grounds; Guides; Guides to Colleges; Gulf War; Guns; Half Century Annalists; Half Century Annalist Letters; Hamilton, Alexander, Conference; Hamilton, Alexander; Hamilton, Alexander Statue; Hamilton College; Hamilton College cigarette card; Hamilton and Kirkland Merger; Hamilton College in the News, on TV; Hamilton at 150; Hamilton at 150; Hamilton Alumni Review; Hamilton History; Hamilton in the War; Hamilton Intercollegiate Institute; Hamilton Life; Hamilton Literary Monthly; Hamilton Review; Hamilton Wellness Program; Hamiltones; Hamilton News and the Hamiltonian; Hamiltonian (yearbook); HamTrek Triathlon; Hartwick College; HAVOC; HAVOC; HAVOC; Hawaii; Hazing; Health and Medical Service; Health Plan; Hamilton College Health Programs; HEOP; Hill Group; History College – Charter Dates; History; Historical Records, Repositories; History: Magazine Articles; Hockey; Hockey; Hockey (incident); Hockey: Women; Holiday Project; Homecoming; Homestead, The; Honorary Degrees; Honorary Degree Citations: 1961; Honorary Degree Citations: 1964; Honorary Degree Citations: 1965; Honorary Degree Citations: 1966; Honorary Degree Citations: 1967; Honorary Degree Citations: 1968; Honorary Degree Citations: 1969; Honorary Degree Citations: 1973; Honorary Degree Citations: 1974; Honorary Degree Citations: 1975; Honorary Degree Citations: 1978; Honorary Degree Citations: 1979; Honorary Degree Citations: 1980; Honorary Degree Citations: 1981; Honorary Degree Citations: 1982; Honorary Degree Citations: 1983; Honorary Degree Citations: 1984; Honorary Degree Citations: 1985; Honorary Degree Citations: 1986; Honorary Degree Citations: 1987; Honorary Degree Citations: 1988; HonDegreeCit1988: Schambach; Honorary Degree Citations: 1989; Honorary Degree Citations: 1990; Honorary Degree Citations: 1990; Honorary Degree Citations: 1991; Honorary Degree Citations: 1992; Honorary Degree Citations: 1993; Honorary Degree Citations: 1994; Honorary Degree Citations: 1995; Honorary Degree Citations: 1995; Honorary Degree Citations: 1996; HonDegCit1996-Crazy Mixed-Up; Honorary Degree Citations: 1997; Honorary Degree Citations: 1998; Honorary Degree Citations: 1999; Honorary Degree Citations: 2000; Honorary Degree Citations: 2001; Honorary Degree Citations: 2002; Honorary Degree Citations: 2003; Honorary Degree Citations: 2004; Honorary Degree Citations: 2005; Honorary Degree Citations: 2006; Honorary Degree Citations: 2007; Honorary Degree Citations: 2008; Honorary Degree Citations: 2008; Honor Code; Honor Code; Hooker, Philip; Horizons Program; Housing: Campus; Humor Magazines (and flier); Humor Magazines; Ibbotson Correspondences; Inaugurations; Inaugurations Holiday; Influenza; Information Technology, ITS; Insurance, Fire; Insurance, Engineer’s Report; Insurance Reports; Intercollegiate Reading Series; Intercollegiate Reading Series; International Liberal Arts College; Interterm Courses; Intern Program: Government; Italian; James Library; January Interterm Program; Jazz Archives; Jazz Ensembles; Jencks, E.N., class of 1846; Jews; Jewish Religion; Jitney, H.C.; Job Evaluation Committee; Johnson, C.A., Hall; Johnson, Christian, Prof, Foundat’n; Johnson, Joel W. Prof, Env. Studies; Journal Club; Journalism: Alumni in Journalism; Journalism: Journalist in Residence; Junior Events; Junior Exhibition and Burlesque; Junior Year in France; Kappa Beta Phi; Kellogg Prize Exam, Curran, Hawley; Kenan, William R., Chair; Kingsley Prize Declamation; Kirkland College by M.H. Bonham; Kirkland Ctr, Gender, Social Justice; Kirkland College; Kirkland College; Kirkland College; Kirkland College; Kirkland College Celeb. Speeches; Kirkland College: M.C. McIntosh; Kirkland College Consolidation; Kirkland College: Conference’72; Kirkland College: President’s Medal; Kirkland College: Reunions; Kirkland College: Sappho; Kirkland College Trustees; Kirkland Cottage; Kirkland Fund; Kirkland Fund; Kirkland & Hamilton-Oneida Acad.; Kirkland Papers; Kirkland College: Kirkland Rock; Kirkland Prjct, Divrsty, Soc. Justice; Kirkland Project Controversies; Kirkland Rosenberg Affair; Kirkland Rock; Kirkland Residential Hall; Kirkland, S; Kirner-Johnson Building; KKK; Lacrosse; Lambda Chi Alpha; Lambda Xi Sigma (petition); Latin Club; Latin Players; Law Department; Lawyers: Alumni; Leavenworth Schlrship, Fellowship; Lectures; Lecture Series; Lectures: C.C. Johnson-Voices Color; Lee, Edwin B., Lecture Fund; Hansmann Lee Lecture Series; Letters: Hamilton Alumni Review; Levitt, Arthur, Public Affairs Center; Liberal Arts Colleges; Library: Brochure on history; Library: Burke; Library: Communal Soc, Shaker; Library: Chester Gillette Diary; Library Exhibits; Library Exhibits; Library: Noyes Law Library; Library: Smith; Library Planter Plan; Library; Libraries: History (incl. catalogue); Library: Burke – Floor Plans; Library: James – Floor Plans; Library: Lion’s Head; Library: Misc.; Library: Music; Library: Printers’ Marks or Colophons; Life Magazine Article: 1953; Life Exhibit; Line of Property marker, Stanwix Treaty; Linowitz Professors; List Art Center; Litchfield Observatory; Litchfield Observatory: Printed Material; Litchfield Professorship; Literary Society; Literary Society; Little Observer, The; Little Pub; Long Range Plan Com. Reports; Long Range Planning 1963; Lotteries; Love Field; Love, W.D., Jr., Loan Fund; Mailing; Major Hall; Maps; Married Students; Martin’s Way; McEwen Hall; McEwen Marjorie Trustee; McKinney Prize; McMahon; Medallions; Memorabilia; Memorial Hall, also Knox Hall; Memorial Services; Menus; James Soper Merrill Prize Winners; Milbank Hall; Mileage; Minor Hall; Minor Theater; Minority Students; Misbehavior by Undergraduates; Miscellaneous; Miscellaneous; Miscellaneous: 1965; Military (at H.C.); Model UN; Movies 1986; Movies; Multimedia Presentation Center; Multicultural Affairs; MWPI Loans to College; MWP Institute Agreement; Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute; Music; Music: Com’ty Oratorio Soc, Choir; Music at Hamilton: Artists Series; Musical Clubs; Musical Arts Society; National Register of Historic Places; Network Computer; Network Study; News; Newspaper Clippings; Newsletter: Block H – 1973 – 4; Newspaper Clippings, 19th Century; Noon Music; North Village; Observatory; Olympic Games; Oratorio Society; Orchestra; Paddle Day, H.C.; Parents Committee; Parent’s Fund; Parent’s Newsletter; Parent’s Newsletter: “At Home”; Parent’s Weekend; Parking, Rides; Peace Corps; Peace Corps; Peace (protests against war); Peer Tutoring Program; Pentagon; Performing Arts; Personnel (Human Resources); Personnel Office; Peters, C.H.F.; Phi Beta Chi (sorority); Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Philanthropy Council; Philopeuthian Society; Philosophy Department; Phoenix Society Correspondence; Phoenix Society; Phoenix Society Account of Finding; Phoenix Society; Photographer; Photo Collection; Photography Correspondence; Physics Department; Pi Delta Epsilon; Plagiarism; Planning Committee; Planning Committee; Planning Notebook; Plays; Play: Alpha Delta Phi; Playhouse on the Hill; Poems; Policies; Political Involvement; Portraits; Portraits; Portrait Catalogue, 19th Century; Portraits (location); Postcards; Posse Program; Pranks; Presidential License Plates; Presidents and Professors: Listing; President’s Residence; Presidential Selection Committee; Private Societies; Prize, Hawley, in Greek and Latin; Prizes; Prize-TIAA Echoes 1962; President’s Administrative Com; President’s Focus Series 1995 – 96; Presidents; Private Societies Anti-Secret 1847; Prize Examinations; Prizes in English; Programs; Program in New York City; Professorships; Program in Public Discourse; Prominent Hamiltonians; Promotional Materials; Promotion; Psi Delta Tau; Psi Upsilon; Psychology Department; Pub, Little; Public Policy Program; Public Relations; Public Speaking; Public Speaking, Rpt, C.Carmer; Public Speaking; Publications; Quadrangle Society; Quantitative Literacy Center; Questionnaires; Race Relations; Radiator; Rare Book Room; Ratings, Ranking, Assessment; Reading and Writing Center; Recycling; Register; Red Cross Blood Drive; Religious Studies Department; Religious Services; Remembrance Day; Reminiscences; Resident Advisors; Reports; Residential Life Com. 1980-1981; Residential Life Surveys: 1993; Residential Life; Residential Life Decision; Residential Life: Report of the Residential Life Committee-1995; Residential Life Committee-1995; Residential Life Committee-1995; Residential Life Report & Decision; Reunions; Revolutionary War; Rhodes Scholarships; Rhyme Lab; Riffle Awards; Robinson Papers; Robert College; Roehrick, H.G., Lecture Series; Rogers Estate; Rogers Memorial Room; Romance Lang and Lit Department; Root Art Center; Root Art Center: Endowment Fund; Root Art Center: Catalogs; Root Art Center: Correspondence; Root Art Center: Documents; Root Art Center: Gift of Yates; Root, Oren, Collection; Root, Oren, Collection sample [?]; Root, Elihu, Fellowship in Science; Root, Elihu House; Root, Elihu Pamphlet Collection; Root Family; Root Farmhouse; Root Glen; Root Glen Misc.; Root Glen: Advisory Committee; Roots, Root Glen: W.C.Palmer; Root – Jessup; Root Homestead; Root Hall Dormitory; Root House: Molly & Elihu Root Jr.; Rudd, Robert B., House; Rudd, Thomas B., Health Center; Rugby; Rules; Rummell Lithograph; Russian, Russia; Russian Department; Sage Speaks; Sage Rink; Sage Rink: 1989; SATs; Sailing; Salaries; Salutatorians; Sappho; Sartwell Herbarium; Saunders Hall of Chemistry; Saunders House; Saunders, Sylvia; Sawyer, George C.; Schambach Center, Performing Arts; Scholarships, non-Alumni/ae letters; Scholarships; Scholarships; Scholarships and Fellowships; Scholarships: Perpetual- Hubbell; Science Building; Sciences: article by Sheila Tobias Science Center Dedication; Scott Field House; Scull; Sculpture; Seal; Seal; Secretaries; Secret Societies; Self Evaluation, Title IX: 1976; Senior Art Show; Senior Art Projects: 1990; Senior Fellows; Senior Party: Early Plays; Senior Party Plays; Senior Party Plays; Sesquicentennial; Sewer System; Sexual Harassment Grievance Board; Sexual Orientation; Sigma Phi; Sigma Phi; Sigma Phi; Sigma Phi: Song Book; Sigma Phi: Correspondence 1938-40; Sigma Xi; Sigma Xi; Sigma Xi: 30th Anniversary; Sigma Xi: Lecture Series; Silliman Endowment; Silliman Hall; Silliman Hall; Skenandoh, Skenandoa House; Sketches, Posters; Slang; Sleds; Sloane, William Collection; Smalley, Patricia; Soccer; Societies; Songs; Songs ; Songs; Songs: Cultural Songs; Soper Hall of Commons; Sophomore Seminars; Sororities; South Dormitory; Spain, Academic Year in; Spanish Instruction; Speak Out!; Speakers; Special K; Special Students: Foreign; Spectator: Humor Issue; Spectator; Spiritual Life; Sports; Sports Update; Squires Club; Squires Club Yearbook; Staff: Library; Staff Council, Advisory committee; Staff Events; Staff Link, The; Staff Organization; Stamps; Stationary; Statistics; Steering Committee Reports; Sterile Cuckoo, The; Strategic Plan; Strategic Planning; Streakers; Student Activities; Student Army Training Corps; Student Body; Student Christian Association; Student Assembly; Student Attrition; Student Course; Student Entertainment Committee; Students for a Democratic Society; Student Life; Student Life; Student Life (study 1987); Student War Program, Nat’l Defense; Students 1961-62; Student Organizations; Student Pranks; Student Protest; Student Protest; Student Protest (Videos); Student Protests: Vietnam War; Student Publications Board; Student Scholarships; Student Societies; Student Unrest; Student Withdrawal; Studies, Surveys; Study Abroad; Study Abroad: non-HC students; Summer Fellowships; Summer Programs; Summer Program 1967; Summer Research, Sciences, Math; Survey: 1950; Survey, Community Opinion; Survey: Summaries; Suspension of Students; Swimming; Table Cover: Reparations Commiss.; Taekwondo; Testimonial, Citations: 1988; Theater and Dance; Theater and Dance; Department of Theater and Dance; Theater: Hamilton and Kirkland; Theta Delta Chi; Theta Nu Epsilon; Theta Nu Epsilon Fraternity; Think Tank; Time Capsules (w/crematio algebrae); Tolles, Winton, lecture series; Town-Gown (relationship, fund); Track and Field; Track and Field; Travel Agency; Travel Services on Campus; Treasury; Treasurer’s Reports; Trees; Trenton Falls Bolt; Trenton Falls Bolt; Truax Hall of Philosophy; Truax Lectures; Truax Professorship; Trustees Defendants in Fraud Suit; Trustees Making News; Trustees Material; Trustees: 19th Century; Trustees Weekend Report; Tuition
Tumbling After; Undergraduate Surveys; Union Society; Union and Phoenix Society; Urban Service Experience (USE); USS Hamilton College; US-Soviet Exchange Program; Utica Foundation; V-day; Vandalism, Hate Crimes; Victory Ships; Vietnam War; Visitors: Archives; Visiting Scientists; Volunteer Work by Undergraduates; WHCL; Wag, The; Walcott Professorship; Waldheim Affair; War; War, Hamilton in the; Washington Program; Was Los; Weather Data; Website; Wertimer’s Chair; Who’s Who; Winslow Lecture; Winter Carnival; Winter Carnival; Winter Study Group; Winter Term; Witch; Women; Women at Hamilton (+Kirkland; Generation, Kirkland Perspectives); Women’s Community Center; Women’s Faculty Club; Woollcott House; World of Hamilton Lecture Series; World War I; World War I SATC; World War II Drawings; World War II: Civil Pilot Train. Prog; World War II Clippings; World War II: Hamilton in the War; World War II: PM Program; World War II: PM ‘44 50th Reunion; World War II: PM Reunions 1999; World War II: Military Units; World War II: PM Class Photo 1999; World War II: ASTP “D’Utah Beach ..”; World War II: Military Units: ASTP; World War II: Register; World War II: PM, Civilian Pilots; World War II: Scrapbook; Writing Prizes; YMCA